Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Favorite Foods

As I reread my previous post, I am reminded of all the wonderful foods that I love to burn off. I thought I would share some of my favorites with you.

1.) Hot wings. Anything from the Classic Boneless Style at Applebees to the Hot Wingers at Buffalo Wild Wings or even the crappy store bought kind. I love them more than alot of things.

2.) Tim's Cascade Jalepeno Chips: made in Washington. These chips DEFINE perfection and demonstrate what the Northwest stands for. My tongue is sizzling...

3.) Canned pears. I could eat can after can after can and never tire from the delightful taste of sweetness. Now, of course, I love pears OUT of the can but they are harder to eat with braces. Go ahead... laugh at my braces.

4.) Maple Donuts. Ok ok. I'm not a big fan of sweets. I rarely crave chocolate or sugar but nothing does me over like a maple donut. Preference: Krispy Kremes. Occurance: way too much.

5.) Lettuce. Plain. Plain lettuce. When I was younger, I was sick a lot. Usually with the flu. The ONLY food I could eat was lettuce, because it had no flavor and was full of water. TO THIS VERY DAY... I can eat a head of lettuce like an apple. Which is also not a good idea with braces.

6.) Thai food. I haven't had lots and lots of different kinds. Probably a total of five or six dishes. But because of a Thai-lovin' father, I do love the flare.

7.) Pretty much anything spicy. I probably have the worst digestive tract.

8.) String Cheese! BLESS the man who invented string cheese! I can never, no never, eat just one. Its a mandate to buy atleast three at a time so I can eat two right away and keep the third in my pocket for later. I kid you not. Along with my beloved string cheese there's sharp cheddar cheese and fetta. Mmmmmmmmm..........

9.) Tortillas. Allow to me explain... my mother taught me everything I need to know. She taught me how to make a quote unquote quesadilla and to always call it a tortilla instead. I understand what a tortilla is. Please don't explain. Tortillas have cheese and lunch meat and taco sauce and sour cream. What could be better? Definitely not a quesadilla.

10.) Cereal. My favorite kind? Probably Cracklin' Oat Bran. And Cap'n Crunch. And Honeynut Cheerios. Just to name a couple. The second round is always better.

Now that I am salivating on my keyboard, I think I'm going to eat some overdue yummies. Go get your food on!

P.S. I just thought this picture was so cute.

Friday, March 7, 2008

ready ready ready... ready to RUN!

So admist my crazy life of church, work, school, and being awesome... I have pushed myself to develop a pattern of exercise. I am the type of person who loves thinking about being healthy and getting in shape, but when it comes down to crunch-time, I struggle with my priorities. After serious mental alignment I have started running four times a week... and I can't stop! I feel addicted to something so great and want to run all the time. I prefer running solo because I can set my own pace and don't feel in competition or sorely inadequate in comparison with a running partner. I love having my ipod tucked into my spandex and feeling the sweat on my forehead. As I set a beat with my lengthy strides, I feel so free and driven. I have one goal in mind and it is to NEVER STOP. Just keep going. One more block... fight that asthma, Caraline, fight it... It's great to have reached the point where I'm no longer day-dreaming about being healthy. I'm proactive!

Except for the part of where I eat donuts and chips and cereal all the time.

But I ask you not to judge me but to rather condone my efforts. Everyone should go running! I encourage everyone, everywhere to get off their potato chip crummed couch and put on a good pair of running shoes and smell that fresh air that awaits you. Maybe I'll see you running and do the tiresome left hand wave. Because I'm ready ready ready... ready to RUN!