Thursday, October 30, 2008

Feel it.

"What the WORLD needs now..."
My Jackie friend called me the other night... talked politics and voting matters. She concluded she only would vote for one thing most uncommon in this election time... love. Let the hippy movement begin!

" love sweet love."
October is the precusor to everything beautiful for me. Birthdays, holidays, family time. It's my Thursday for the months ahead. Only just one more day and its Friday.... one more holiday and its Thanksgiving and Christmas. Time to be with the ones I cherish the MOST. Nothing equates more to love than this.

"That's the only thing, that there's just too little of."
I feel like I know so little in a time when there's so much to learn. Days pile on top of the other and time slips by... today I'll take more time to learn about others. Put aside my wants. And to, "Love thy neighbor as thyself."

Monday, October 27, 2008

Caraline Truisms.

I have learned that turning twenty automatically institutes a sense of wisdom. I'm already more mature, more sophisticated, and more knowledgeable. So, please, allow me to enlighten you on recent findings in the last couple of weeks.

#1.) Having blood drawn results in bruising.
I have had some funny health issues and have seen one too many doctor and (forgive my crassness) urinated in one too many a cup. The tricky phlebotomist used kind smiles and tempting cartoon postings on the wall to lure me into her jabbings. I can't help but show everyone my arm- I mean, regardless of age, bruises are still cool.

#2.) Sometimes you really do have to dance.
I feel entitled to dancing. You are as well- just tell yourself its your perogative. It takes one bad day, one bad test, one bad mood, and only one GOOD song to erase any previous care. I recommend using hot sauce bottles with little Mexican men on them to sing to and a sturdy table to dance on. If you have an accessible window that can serve as a mirror... please take this into consideration. Top dance songs that this twenty year-old shakes it to: Mercy by Duffy, Rosanna by Toto, and anything by Justin Timberlake. Great for warding off potential dates.

#3.) Every once in a while buying an expensive sweater is ok.
Remember my post on what I wanted badly? Clothes galore? Well! I bought that cute little sweater from the Gap, just in grey. I love it. I actually talked to the Gap publicist about using me as the sweater model instead of the current model. She needs to "work it" more. Just think about it... me + grey gap sweater + Justin Timberlake = something ripe. It was a pricey sweater. Believe you me, I'm not a fan of spending money but this is just one of those sweaters that truly betters your life. I've worn it everyday since I've bought it. I'm going on three days now. But it's ok because twenty year-olds can do that. Save your money for a nice birthday hello.

#4.) Eating bad food will always be bad for you.
Zuchinni cake? Check. Buffalo wings? Check. Halloween cupcakes? Check check. Snickers minis? Ouch... check. I've reached that stage of being paranoid that every bite of something bad equates to 3 extra pounds. We live in a scary world full of scary foods. Scary but so so yummy. This is not to say that eating this food is against any law. I believe that this bad food can also be a good thing. Think of the joy and happiness it brings WHILE eating. Forget the aftermath... focus on the now. I'm twenty and do I live for today? Check.

More wisdom will follow. Just remember... age encourages wisdom.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Just enjoy the show.

I can't remember the last time I got lost in library's sea of books. That thought makes me frustrated because I LOVE to read. I can remember the last time I got lost in the library in a sea of homework. I'm trying to find dry ground as we speak.

I can't remember the last time I let somebody surprise me. I love surprises but love ruining them for myself just as much. Then I'm sad at myself for not letting the surprise take over. My curiosity and impatience gets the better of me.

I can't remember the last time I felt so completely in control of my little world. I almost freely allow the world itself to take control of me and I'm just along for the ride. My screaming thoughts, my heart pounding desires, my overwhelming inhibitions... all telling me what to do. Maybe I like it better that way.

Maybe I'll get a hold on this thing called life and surprise myself...
Anyone an Ugly Betty fan?? My roommate introduced me to this very fitting song. Add it to your collection.

I'm just a little bit caught in the middle
Life is a maze and love is a riddle
I don't know where to go, I can't do it alone
I've tried. And I don't know why...

I'm just a little girl lost in the moment
I'm so scared but I don't show it
I can't figure it out, it's bringing me down
I know. I've got to let it go
and just enjoy the show
-Lady Lenka

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"I don't care how, I want it now!"

Just call me Veruca, darling. This says EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING I want right now. I want money. Never ending supply, please. I want to buy clothes... c-u-t-e clothes. I want to wear light sweaters with classic slacks and high heels. Fancy that novel idea... me + style = completely revolutionary. I want to be the owner of the Gap and use a local store as my closet where I could frolic from clothing rack to clothing rack throwing my left over clothes to Pierre, the store clerk. Pierre would blatantly tell me whether or not my light ocre top actually looked tre posh with my pleated skirt. I want it all. I want this cute little number. What do you think? Maybe, just very gently, attach my head to the top of the picture for a better representation of what I am imagining. I'm not a big online shopper, but when work becomes boring and brain waves become stale, this girlish chore does me right.

Also... I don't own one purse. I own what COULD be a purse but because of its hideous nature, I only use it on Sundays for a scripture case. It's the most important day of the week. You'd think I'd upgrade my priorities. I really just have picky picky taste with objects I like to fling over my shoulders. This tote bag is kinda cute. Not $210.00 cute... but fun to look at. :) I want a cute purse. And though I sound very Hollywood for saying this, I MAY want a cute dog to put in my purse. I mean why not? Isn't that what purses are for?

My brother Jesse said he'd give me a makeover when I got my braces off... for free. I know, what a sweetheart. He promised me a pair of shoes. I want those shoes I'm promised. Or maybe these...

What do YOU want??