Saturday, June 19, 2010

The first day of summer.

Did you know that starting Monday, June 21st the first day of summer has arrived? On the contrary, I believe the first day began several weeks back. But to honor my FranklinCovey planner I will attribute Monday to summer's arrival. We are defining our first summer together by attending baseball games, bbqs and working a lot. We were fortunate enough to view the Gila Valley temple dedication in the Gila Valley. It was a beautiful experience! Did I mention Ryan works a lot? He has currently worked himself all the way over to Monterey, Mexico where he will have spent two weeks working at the mine. I'm on day five. Today was the first day I was able to speak with him on the phone. I answered the phone not expecting to hear him and not recognizing to whom I was speaking with. Maybe another ten months of marriage will cure that.

Maybe since I turned our internet back on I'll blog more in the next week and a half. Happily, my brother Jesse is staying with me. So I don't find myself too bored. Last night we went to Chipotle where I bought myself a kids meal (first time ever) and we later watched Jurassic Park. "Hold on to your butts." Newman has got to be the grossest character in that whole movie. Also, I am trying to do some summer reading as I anxiously await the third installment of the Hunger Games. I have discovered that I am not the only person loving this series.

Ok, that's all I have for tonight. Maybe I'll blog sooner than later next time. Just maybe...

Please ignore Ryan's tucked in shirt. He was helping with the sound at the Gila Valley Cultural Event. It's all I can really say about that.