Wednesday, February 11, 2009

pretty maids all in a row.

I always have a song in my head..

Today's: You Are The Best Thing by Ray LaMontagne. It was actually the background number to my dream... which was rudely disturbed by a said roommates alarm. A song by Nickleback nonetheless. Never a song in my head.

I love music. Particularly the music bred into me. Music played from numbers of records and tapes my father stashed away until weekend nights with the family. CCR and The Beach Boys. 90's music my brother's worshipped while arguing if Soundgarden or The Smashing Pumpkins would win in a rock-off. Beatles, Foo Fighters, Simon and Garfunkle, The Police, Pearl Jam, Sublime, the freaking Aquabats, anything rock-and-roll (to name a few). The strong denial of disco and 80's butt-rock music. (And, of course, country.) I admit I've found my likings outside of my mentoring. Whether I've stuck with the Walker family guidelines to the correct usage of music, I just know how to boogie. "I feel it in my bones." It's in my blood. And my blood wants to share my top iPod songs with you. I constantly listen to these songs. Allow me to enlighten you on my fav's. Listening?

(I just added this one... so yes, you counted right. 11 songs.)
11.) To Be Surprised by: Sondre Lerche
From the movie Dan In Real Life, which I adore. I can relate to songs like this and feel that the folk sound isn't utilized enough in popular music. Please PLEASE download this song.

10.) Rosanna by: Toto.
This is the closest thing I know of 80's music. You can't stop me. There's a certain awesomeness to the xylophone interludes and synthesized brass instruments. The musicality is simply striking. The snapping makes it a pretty easy song to dance Westside Story-like to. You know exactly what I'm talking about.

9.) Love Story by: Taylor Swift.
I just can't help myself. I had to be honest.

8.) In Your Eyes: Peter Gabriel
Recent discovery... long time comin'. Unfortunately the means in which I discovered this song was through a cover done by Sara Bareilles. She did do an excellent job, but the original is absolutely better. Next song to find by Peter G... Sledgehammer.

7.) Lovers In Japan/Reign of Love by: Coldplay
I wish this weren't already a single. Something about everyone now having this as their ringtone sends a wave of irritation through my jacket. I guess it's just that good of a single... two songs in one. It has a good dynamic contrast between the two. If you really want to be wow-ed, go see them in concert. Twice is not enough for me.

6.) Forever by: Chris Brown.
Look, I don't even care what you say. Go ahead and judge me. This song puts me in a better mood than anything. He's got the moves. He's got the looks. He's got the song of my heart. I plan on quoting him this song when I meet him.

5.) Listen to the Music by: The Doobie Brothers
I don't know half of what is being said but I don't care. I'm gonna let the music play. Definitely a feel-good song. That's all I really have to say about it. I do want to watch Remember the Titans everytime I listen to this song. Don't even think its apart of the soundtrack. It's just THAT good.

4.) Slow Me Down by: Emmy Rossum
This is a mix between Imogen Heap and Enya. Little Miss former star of Phantom has done quite well with her vocal abilities. I found this, along with some Jonas Brothers jams, on the Lifetime Fitness summer playlist. This song is fantastic. (So is Love Bug by the boys.)

3.) Lady In Spain: Ingrid Michaelson
There are too little words to describe my passion for Ingrid. She is the perfect arrangement of happy for me. I recently found this song and with my 30 second iTunes preview, knew I had to buy it. "I can be... anything I want to."

2.) Love Will Keep Us Alive by: The Eagles
My parents have this live concert of their whole Hell Freezes Over album and this song gives me chills to hear everytime. It's the perfect little Valentine's song.

1.) Brass Bed by: Josh Gracin
Mmmmmm. At different poses, Josh looks like the Fonze. I'm okay with that. I'm not the hugest country fan and am the outcast of the family for even breaching the country side. But I am beginning to like it more and more. Mainly, I just love this song. I will never retire from Brass Bed. It will go down with me to my grave.... bed.

There you have it. Another insight into my soul.