Saturday, May 10, 2008

Summer love!

I found myself a fling! Yeah.. that's right. I have a little love interest and it involves me and big fat summertime! I love my summer. I love the Arizona sun and driving in my big brown truck with my windows rolled down. I love wearing shorts and flip flops and eating ice cubes hour after hour. Mmmmm. I love playing with Emma and Matthew in the pool and later taking naps with them on the living room floor. My fling consists of a real strong foundation of open-endedness. I know what to expect with this summer... a whole lot of working. I started work within two days of being home and will work up until I leave, but I truly am grateful for work. I also know that with my planned activities... anything is game. "Now all I wanna do is spread my wings and fly..." I love my summertime music tracks that give me that super excited feeling in my tummy and make me wanna go dancing in the middle of the street. Don't think I wouldn't do this. Been there, done that. Summer means seeing old friends and making new ones. I love that :). It means late-night swims and early morning jogs (thank you AZ heat). AND! Sonic trips, slip and slides, the camp food fight, field trips with millions of children, tan lines, summer institute, summer book list, library trips, weekly temple visits, tortillas, getting my braces off on june 17th!!!!!!, and just being happy.

My summer fling makes me happy and brings me contentment. Isn't that what every relationship should bring? I thunk so. So go make the most of YOUR summer! Eat a banana popsicle, go camping, be creative. And just BE HAPPY.