Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fun times

Important disclaimer: I write this post while trying to be sensitive to anyone who feels in any way, shape, or form the overwhelming pressures and disappointments that are often associated with fertility and pregnancy. I am very thankful that Ryan and I are even able to sustain a pregnancy. And regardless of the small obstacles that I have gone through I am very grateful to have been given the opporunity at this time to carry this sweet baby girl.

With that said, I'd like to briefly describe some "fun times" I've had being pregnant. And by "fun times" I mean embarassing, confusing, and just funny. It is all too often that I hear other women say things like, "Being pregnant is the best" and my personal favorite, "If I had a choice, I'd be pregnant my entire life." But! I am beginning to understand that no two pregnancies are the same and that my pregnancy is pretty mild compared to some. Here are some small-scale examples of the "fun times" I've had thus far:

8 weeks pregnant: 1:00a - wake up with severe hunger pangs. Like if I don't eat a bowl of cereal, a banana, some yogurt, three slices of cheese, and another bowl of cereal then I possibly might die. 3:00a - happens again. Change up the cereal, grab some more cheese, and scarf a Nutrigrain bar to be safe. 5:00a... what's happening here? This must be twins. 7:00a - lets just stay awake - eat a bowl of oatmeal and tell my stomach to calm the heck down. This night marked a pattern for every night to follow. Positive: our pantry has a better stash of food then ever before.

7 and 9 weeks (ish) pregnant: ER visit #1 and ER visit #2. Vomiting, IVs, dehydration. Free cable, hospital gowns, and ice chips. Boring, scary, and tiresome. Positive: walked away with a free pair of hospital socks.

14 weeks pregnant: Waited an entire week for the magical second trimester "energy and appetite" to kick in. Shoutout to all those women who suggested the following weeks to be the game changer... week 16, week 19, week 22... the list goes on. You were kind to suggest a hopeful future. Positive: Ryan's been doing the dishes and laundry for me. Nice boy.

20 weeks pregnant: Gender ultrasound + anatomy measurements. Can't find heart and spine measurements. The third and final ultrasound took place at a specialist office where I was told they'd "hang me from the ceiling" if they had to. Positive: baby is not a jelly fish.

23 weeks pregnant: Thought I had a heart attack/allergic reaction to my third presciption of nausea medication but really it was just a possible weird acid reflux/muscle spasm. Played it safe and went to my doctor. Found out I have a heart murmer explaining why I'm so out of breath all the time. Been referred to a cardiologist. Developed some serious feet swelling symptoms as well as beautiful purple lines on my thighs. Positive: can now say things like "you're making my heart murmer".

Today: Sneezed and wet my pants this morning. I thought this didn't actually happen to real people. I think I'm a real person and I know it happened to me. Had to change my clothes. Threw up in Costa Vida - didn't even make it to the bathroom. Luckily, no one was around. Ended the day with my favorite drug... a sepository. Very exciting. Positive: makes for a really good story.

So needless to say my "fun" experiences have led to me evaluate pregnancy on a different level. And in all honesty, I have very much enjoyed the simple joys such as feeling the baby move and wearing stretchy pants.

So here's to another "fun" and exciting 16 weeks!