Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Every summer should be complimented by an awesome vacation. My summer just got rocked by Bear Lake and Sundance, Utah. No... no Robert Redford sitings this time. Ryan was able to meet most of my extended family for the first time at Bear Lake. And he still wants to stay married! I wish I had pictures of my cousins and extended family. It was so good to see them. I can't wait until our reunion in Washington next year. My immediate family left Bear Lake and stayed at a beautiful log house in Sundance. Here are only a couple of pictures of our awesome vacation.

Ryan and Samantha running a muck at BYU!
Baby Wesley at the Provo Fair. He's a wee baby.
Emma, Samantha and me. Posing for Ryan. Cutest nieces ever! Where's Matthew? Settling Catan?
Husband and wife... lounging on the deck.
Siblings picture. Check out Curt's lighting zipper!
Williams family picture!
Can't wait to go on vacation again!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Two posts in one day... whaaaa?

This post will serve the very purpose in having a blog... to update.

Ryan is in Mexico again. He has spent the majority of June and now July (and eventually some of August) at a mine site three hours from Monterrey. He works a lot when he's there which is always a blessing. But all he has to show for it is a bag full of Fools Gold. Bring me the real stuff! When we move maybe I'll pitch it at a garage sell as real gold and noone will know the difference. Without my buddy here I do a lot of info-mercial watching and internet surfing. Mainly because I'm waiting for Ryan to get online. Our means of communication is online chatting. Definitely doesn't feel cool as it did when I was 13 years old. But it's the best we got, so I'll take it! Yes, I miss him a lot. But again, I am just grateful we both have jobs. So when Ryan gets home we'll be taking a week long vacation to Utah... woohoo! Who doesn't love Utah? Ok, maybe a lot of people. But I can't help but love it... "so sue me."

We'll be staying in Sundance. Beautiful! I'll be sure to post some pictures after the trip. Until then... I have some Zumba info-mercials to attend to.

Tuppence a bag.

As if my week can't get any better... this is what I found chugging alongside Warner road without a care in the world. Unfortunately, I could not slow down the car enough to take my very own picture of an elderly man riding a banana seat bike, dressed in camou and a macau. Like it was nothing at all.

In Google Imaging "Man riding bike with macau on shoulder" I discovered that over-usage of words gives you way too many stupid pictures. But I did find a better representation of what I wanted to portray. Although he looks less like the elderly man and more like my dear father-in-law, I thought it was pretty remarkable that people even think to do things like this.

Do macaus adjust well to 115 degree weather? I couldn't help but feel bad for that bird. There's no way that bird would take flight anywhere away from that man's shoulder. Where would it go? Don't macaus live in tropical forests? And isn't camou the worst thing to wear in the middle of July? Fortunately my logic didn't match this man's. Good thing! What would I blog about if I didn't have people like this?

It took me 14 minutes to draw that.