Sunday, June 29, 2008


I like to challenge myself. I like to overcome certain areas of laziness. The other areas can remain in place. I've been thinking about doing this for a month now... and finally I've come to place, IN WRITING (or typing), my 1/2 year resolutions. It's almost the end of June... month 6 of our calendar year... and I'm ready to refresh those New Year's Resolutions. Why not take this 1/2 year mark and start again?? I'm a fan of starting new. A wise bishop gave three areas of goal making. I've stuck with his advice ever since.

Spiritual Goals:
-Do scripture reading in the MORNINGS. I know myself all too well and realize this will take serious training and extensive mental conditioning. I'm ready and willing. I think.

*Note: I heard an experience once of a mother and her growing family and the dedication and Spiritual upliftment she brought to them. When asked how she performed so well and managed to keep her sanity, she said she had thirty minutes EVERY DAY to herself. Her husband knew when this time was, and she would leave and go to her room to pray and read. 15 minutes of scripture study and 15 minutes of praying. What a great example.


-15 minutes of scripture study followed by 15 minutes of praying. Why wait until I have a family? Why not start now?
-Evening prayers will be VOCAL. I mean business.
-Keep up the weekly temple visits. Maybe pick a day other than Saturday... Saturdays are crazy...
-Continue on with my New Testament Reading. I've never really ventured outside of the Book of Mormon. It's about time to take that leap.
-Write in my journal every night. Yikes. Help me help me. I love how my BYU Boss (and friend :)) refers to Elder Eyring's talk on journal keeping and cultivating the past, present, and future. My entries will focus on how I've seen the hand of the Lord in my life.

-Take one of the free classes offered at the gym! THEY ARE FREE! What more do I need? Oh, I know... someone physically putting me in my gym shoes and dragging me into the studio. I can be REALLY pathetic.
-I've never had to really watch what I've eaten before now. It's frightening what happens to the body with excess caloric intake.
-Workout atleast... 4 times a week. For starters. I am the next Karate Kid.

-My friends are wonderful. Keep on surrounding myself with people who only uplift me.
-Stay social! My church and ward is so great. I love the activities offered and have made so many new friends.
-Get enough sleep. I really perform SO MUCH BETTER with more sleep. The kids like me more too when Ms. Caraline gets her night's rest.
-Read more. I found myself becoming idle with my nights because I am too tired to do anything after work and want to "relax". I'm going to FINISH The Secret Garden by August. Hooray!

Wish me luck. I'm still learning about myself and I think that my biggest goal is to be able to define every end of who I am and live for what I know.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Brace Face? Yeah RIGHT!

For the last year and eight months, I have had nasty braces. There has not been a day that has gone by in those passing weeks that I haven't really hated having them. It made me very self-aware and just annoyed with the little tasks of keeping up with the braces. I'd rather keep up with the Jones', personally. Either way, I can stop complaining because today I got them OFF! I love having regular teeth and a regular smile. It's so fun! I'm sure those of you who have experienced the brace-face experience, know what I mean.