Tuesday, April 24, 2012

To Be Determined

Time for an update? Ok, I give.

1.) I've been asked to be my ward Girl's Camp director this year. One might wonder what goes in to planning something like this - I have yet to figure that out. But I do know that the overall opinion of this church calling is one-sided. I've gotten a lot of comments like "good luck!" and "so glad it's not my job" and "barf". But I can honestly say that I am excited to work with the girls in my ward (all 55 to be exact) and have enjoyed it thus far. Time to brush up on my hand clapping games and camp fire songs.

2.) Ryan was given a work assignment in Argentina that spanned from the end of January to the beginning of March. The time went by surprisingly fast. However, I wasn't too enthused when I heard he'd go back after a two week stay in Arizona. End of story, he never went back and we're not moving to Argentina. But we dreamed about it for a small moment, all the while romanticizing that we'd swim in exotic beaches and breed children with dual citizenship. Ryan really enjoyed re-visiting where he served his mission and doing it for free!

3.) Only one week after Ryan left for South America I found out I was with child. It was an overwhelming discovery and has been quite the experience ever since. I'm sure you could picture it all in your head...

I've spent all day at an HR meeting in Scottsdale and, after texting prompts from Ryan, decided to take a pregnancy test. It was only a few days earlier that I tested negative. BUT I had an extra test and thought "why not?" (also, I hoard pregnancy tests like food storage and have been known to test... just for fun). So I tested. And it was positive. And I fell off the toilet. And cried and prayed and yelled. And then I Skyped Ryan. And we cried like babies together.

Anyway, pregnancy (for me) has been rocky but exciting. I've had a few scares and visited the ER twice. But the more pregnant you are the more you realize it could always be worse and that it is all worth it. I'm 17 weeks today and will find out baby's gender next week. No maternal instinct on what it could be... I'm prepared to be surprised :) I guess it's a 50/50 chance either way, right?

4.) Admist Argentina and pregnancy I decided to step down from my position as manager at Life Time. And it's been a great decision. I work part time and admit that I enjoy my days and weeks more and more. I feel healthier and my stress levels have gone down. Honestly, I miss aspects of my job but am confident that health takes priority.

Ok that's all (I think)! Ryan's youngest brother just got married and my older brother just finished his first year of law school. We're enjoying time with family. And we're learning things about house work that we've never before realized. Like how owning a home is an aquired appreciation. No pictures to post but maybe soon. Until next time...