Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another (school) year has gone by!

Finals are over! I took my last final and it wasn't exactly how I wanted to end my BYU career. Because, yes, I am leaving BYU and going to ASU for the Fall. Why? Because I'm marrying the best man in the world and living apart just won't do. How do I feel about it? Bitter/sweet. I tried having a moment with campus as I walked home from my last BYU test ever, and the Utah wind almost knocked me off my feet. Intimate moment gone. Utah weather knows I hate wind the most and loves choosing opportune times to perpetuate it. It's the one element I'm always fighting with; I get so frustrated when it deters me from walking in a straight line or talking on the phone. But nonetheless, I will miss you, Provo. Thank you for the endless winters, krispy kreme donuts, prank wars, the University Avenue Bum, breaking and entering into apartments, the many parking tickets, dance parties on the kitchen table, and too many memories to name. Talking about it makes me sad. So on to the next!

My housing contract is up! I'm living out of boxes and am about to be kicked out of my room so a new Liberty Square resident can enjoy the cinder block I've been slumbering on for the last 8 months. And with the passing of the torch I will take my rightful place on the couch. I'm really stoked about it. Super stoked.

With school OFF, work is ON. Women's Conference is this Thursday and Friday and the paper chain I made a month ago is looking pretty short. EEEK! My boss Jenn always get mad when I remind everyone in the office of our countdown. If anyone is coming to the big Women's Conference, come visit me in the Wilkinson Center Garden Court- I'll be helping your every needs. The rest of you, pray for me. 18,000 women can be overwhelming. I do promise to blog the many stories that will follow the mass exodus of women. Last year it was the chicken salad lady who left her food unattended for "only a minute" and when she returned it was gone. What?! Gone?? Obviously it was taken to the lost and found (under my care) and after two attempts to reclaim it, in the space of 2 hours, chicken salad lady lost her own battle. "Someone must have eaten it." She's probably right. Or the lady who, as I'm eating my lunch, wants me to share some. Oh sure, stranger. All I'm saying is just be ready for complete awesomeness.

I move home the day after (Saturday) and I'm excited! Again, bitter/sweet. I think Ryan will veto me ever leaving to go anywhere again. I tried telling him a study abroad wouldn't be THAT bad.... but we both know that's just silly. Plus, I really do just want to marry him. I'm sick of writing my name on my groceries. This summer = a whole lot of work with summer camp and wedding planning! I'm really excited :) And I've started to make big plans with my entrance into ASU. Goals that will keep me busy and involved. Arizona State won't know what hit them!

Until next time. Goodbye roomies, I love you!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Good news

HELLOOO. My boss told me that my good news is definitely blogger-appropriate. Although I usually never display the truly personal aspects of my life on here, I think its time :)

I'm ENGAGED! I've been dating a very wonderful man named Ryan Andrew Williams for 9 months now. We met in Arizona last summer and dated off and on during those months and became "official" in August. He's been going to school in Arizona and me in Utah and our long-distance time has been... way... fun. It's been rough but we're just glad to see have seen each other as much as we could. He came up last weekend for Conference and proposed on top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, at the glass window that overlooks Temple Square, in the midst of many tourists and on-lookers. Our audience made for quite a memorable experience. We've now become the new face on pages of many strangers' scrapbooks.

We are getting married in the Mesa, Arizona Temple on Saturday, August the 8th. We booked the Wright House for our reception that night and are planning on a killer honeymoon to Hawaii. Thank you Brother and Sister Williams. Everything feels happy and we couldn't be more excited!

Here are some cute pictures of us and the proposal.