Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sounds fishy to me...

You want an update? A new post, you say? How's this for ya....

I just ate a whole bag of these. That pretty much sums up what we (mainly I) have been up to. Needless to say, school ends next week and I can focus on a more healthy diet. Until then, you know what I'll be doing...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

You've seen the Jane Austen movie, Emma, right? Gwenyth Paltrow captivates me. Call me cliche, but you can never go wrong with Jane Austen. I watched it today and remembered the huge amount of closure Jane brought in to this world.

I feel like I've had a really long day. It's like I've been watching a pendulum swing back and forth, all day long. A funk has been hovering over me for the last 48 hours and I'm ready to turn the lights out and sleep until Thanksgiving. "My goodness, it's like the blind date that wouldn't end!"
-Jennifer Lopez in The Wedding Planner.

Ready for some happy time? Check this out...
I saw this play for my very first time on Thursday! Oh, I loved it. I have no claims to being a huge Broadway junkie. But this playbill will be the first to start my collection.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Take a picture, it lasts longer.

Pictures are great for a plethora of things:
Capturing memories, retelling stories, blackmail... the list is never-ending.
Here are some pictures I've needed to unload from my camera so I can document the side notes of my life... because I appreciate those side notes.

Ashley Chapman became Ashley Palmer on October 16th. And the week before we had a fun little bachelorette party for her at The Cheesecake Factory. She's got the cutest smile, huh? Oh, and don't worry. Those bottles are sparkling drinks, alcohol free. However, we did drink them from shot glasses. I felt it was totally appropriate.
All the girls. We're all "party party party!" With all of our busy schedules, it is so nice to get together with the girls and play catch-up. A great method for de-stressing. Note to self: find two black articles of clothing that match. Sorry, Mom.

Many times I am amazed at how creative my husband is. I came home last week to THIS ingenuity.

Ryan loves his sunflower seeds.
And he loves his handmade funnel. Includes: paper plate, super glue, and tape.
For my birthday, I was pampered with cookies and cakes galore. Ryan bought me tickets to Phantom of the Opera! I am stoked. Unfortunately, Ryan was sick all weekend so (fortunately) my mom graciously brought us dinner and muffins. One muffin included a star candle for the birthday girl. Ryan wanted to be in my pictures. This is us posing for my birthday blow-out.
It was time for Ryan to give me my space and glory. Right here we have the real deal.
We enjoyed my mom's muffins so much. Nothing spells L-O-V-E like brown sugar.
Here is the finished product. Not included in this picture are the four other muffin wrappers I defeated that night.
Just us lovin my birthday. Nursing Ryan back to health has been a process. Now I'm sick. And I cut my foot open. I just hope this isn't an omen for my 22nd year.

I think in my 22nd year I'm going to stay away from sharp objects and wear closed-toed shoes.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

If she wants to rock, she'll rock.

How do I view myself?
I view myself as a daughter, a sister, a wife, a June Cleaver in my own right. Ain't no harm in knowing how to bake a mean pie and look good doin' it, right?

I view myself as an expressionist.
I like to express myself through different ways. I am actually really creative while I consume food. Ryan reminded me that while he can eat a quesadilla with a fork, cutting his pieces into exact squares with perfectly applied amounts of sour cream and taco sauce, I cannot. My plate is left with a ring... no.... puddle, of "juice" and my hands are smothered, just like when you eat buffalo wings. (Buffalo wings are my all-time favorite food. You can only imagine my struggles when eating those. It's a struggle going in and a struggle going out.) He says I'm messy. I say it's my creative side.

I view myself as a student.
It's been a long week and I'm kinda wishing it would end sooner than later. Midterms, papers, work, no sleep -- the typical life of a college student. We have eaten pizza four times in the last two weeks. I am ashamed to admit this publicly. Yet just as we've learned from popular t.v. personnel, it is better to come clean and admit your sins to everyone then face years of humiliating regret. And extortion attempts. I swear I have gained a second stomach in the last two weeks. Ryan wishes it were a baby. I tell him it is a baby... a greese baby, made especially with love, from Barro's Pizza.

We are half-done with the semester! And then I'm off to ASU, where dreams come true. I got that job I applied for, so that's good! We'll see how juggling two jobs and a full school schedule will pan out. I'm thinking it'll be interesting. Maybe I should look into making dinners ahead of time and freezing them... so we don't always end up eating pizza.

Also... my birthday is on Sunday :) I just can't help it, but I love my birthday.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy (belated) Birthdays!

It's been a few weeks of birthdays and I'd like to acknowledge them all!

Happy Birthday to my niece, Emma LeaAnn Walker.
Aren't you getting so big and grown-up?
Six-years old is a huge milestone in your life.
Don't let the boys boss you around.
And remember, YOU are the queen of sass.
I love you Emma Lou Lou.

Happy Birthday to Grandma Walker and to Lindsey Walker.
I love you both and wish you didn't live so far.
Grandma, I miss your stories.
Lindsey, I miss your baby bump.

Happy Birthday to my roommate, Jill Burnham.
Maybe when we're old, rich women we can take luxury vaca's together.
I miss playing "Would You Rather?" and completely grossing ourselves out.
I also miss Austin Ames and wish he were real.
I miss you, Jilly.

Happy Birthday to Gandhi.
I miss saying your first name.
You were one cool dude.
"You must be the change you want to see in the world." - Gandhi.

I just loved this picture above.
May we all celebrate each other's lives.
Have a good October!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My lips are chapped...

Dear Society,

My lips are chapped. My lips are chapped from lack of sympathetic moisture. Where's my soothing Burt's Bees for the sting and crack from uncomfortable moments? Just make me that fly on the wall and not the bull in the pit when you decide to have one of your "episodes." Keep me far away from the haters and bigots you've succored for so long.

I have changed my mind about the way in which you work.

It takes some idle time and people watching to really get a grip on your ways. You belong as a character in Clue. I predict you killed him in the Billiard Room with hypocrisy, not the candlestick. You can be pretty brutal, like those times in which your influence takes over the sensitivity of the people. How do you manage your power? Probably like Jafar did when he became the Ultimate Genie... not well. You probably wear red on those days. So lets cut a deal here, Society, a deal in which you give up your up tightness and begin opening your mind to everything. That isn't to be interpreted that you and I "shoot for the stars and let the moon do what it wants." There are rules. When did your judgment begin to overtake God's?

There is a right and there is a wrong. Like it is always wrong to eat soggy cereal and it is always right to dance to Selena. As for this deal: together we can be more willing to see each other's opinions, and even if I don't agree with yours, I will commend you for having one. Because you were made through a historical context and I was made by my mom and dad. So really it wouldn't be fair to hold you accountable for everything wrong. I would love to make peace with your ways, and you with everyone else's. So maybe we could cut the peer pressure part and the dictator part... it's a bad look on you, anyway. Good friends tell good friends the truth. And in the end, my lips won't be chapped. They'll actually feel really nice.

Think about it. The power of thought governs you, Society.
Write back soon.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Yummy grapes.

I have had several failed attempts to find myself some yummy grapes. The Walmart on Arizona Avenue and Pecos has a poor produce selection. So! I have rotated grocery stores trying to find grapes that weren't too sour or too squishy. I thought I found the perfect batch at Basha's. Thought. I then bit into one and nearly choked on the seeds. Seeds in grapes?? This is absurd. How could I have not known about this? All I want are yummy, SEEDLESS grapes. Preferably kinds that look like this...

Yesterday, I applied for a second job. I walked into the store feeling slightly nervous to hand the manager an application. In fact, I don't think I've ever physically turned in an application before. Thanks to modern technology, every job I have received was over internet application. Those feelings of being the new kid at school reminded me that I AM the new kid in town. This semester epitomizes change in my life. New school, new life, and now a new job. I walked in the store feeling vulnerable and clueless. It took me a whole minute to realize that I wasn't just anyone applying for this job... I am Caraline Lea Walker Williams (the first), and I am a darn good applicant for ANY job. I hope to get it! With all this free time, I find myself twiddling my thumbs and making up things to do with my spare time. Another job is what I need. More MONEY is what we need. So I can buy this...
... minus the half-head and arms. I would pay a couple extra bucks for the hair though. Anyway! Today is a sick day for me. I switched birth control yesterday and spent the whole night re-evaluating yet ANOTHER change... over the toilet. Oh well. Maybe I can convince Ryan to buy me some yummy grapes so I can feel better :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Shin splints and broken disposals.

I have homework and laundry to do... but not before I blog. NEVER before I blog.

If you need a good c.d. to buy, I suggest the new Pete Yorn and Scarlette Johansson's BREAK UP album. It was suggested to me and now I pass along the wise suggestion. Pay it forward.

Don't you just love those moments when you resolve to change your ways and do better at something? Most of the time, those moments are short lived. We tossle with ideas of personal improvement and usually check these mental attempts off our lists. However, I have decided to make a public goal for personal health by posting a blog. My epiphany happened a couple weeks ago in a cycling class. I was riding up a steep, imaginary hill when I almost crashed on my bike. I was overwhelmed by my teacher screaming for us all to catch up to first place. Trying to pass up fifty other stationary bikes was a hard task. And it was in that moment that I searched the inner parts of my sweaty soul (and spandex) and realized that there was no REAL good reason why I shouldn't win the race. Or rather, why I don't push my physical endurance more often. I really couldn't answer my own question. And then I became really excited and determined to run marathons for the rest of my life. And to quit eating so many bagels.

In conclusion, Ryan and I ran two miles last night. Hence, the shin splints. It's a start but it's also the beginning to a new, healthy way of life. Ultimately, I want to write a healthy cook book and include cool pictures of me holding a delicious salad on a bicycle, or drinking a fruit smoothie on the top of a mountain. I'm catching the wave.

Now, I haven't caught the excitement wave of house cleaning quite yet. No epiphanies on better dusting strategies or bed making. There are times that I actually love cleaning- like to the point of obsessing over having a spotless faucet. I find it both stressful and relaxing. Maybe it just depends on my attitude. Last night, I was in a pretty good cleaning mood... so I did the dishes and shoved all unwanted foods down the disposal. Not a great idea. As I turned on the dishwasher and started up the disposal, a huge, constant flow of water knocked the rubber liner out of my sink and shot out into my living room. I was pretty impressed with my sink's abilities to literally dispose of everything and pretty disappointed in my inability to make good choices. I thought I broke it and spent the next hour worrying I would flood the apartment. Ryan fixed it. He's just good at fixing things.

In conclusion, I have decided that it's time to invest in robot maids. Who's with me? Rosie was one sassy robot.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

World's Greatest

Do you remember that movie about Muhummad Ali starring Will Smith? It's theme song is stuck in my head and gave me the title to this blog.

I had the world's greatest wedding! The whole day was awesome- few glitches here and there but it didn't matter because I was surrounded by family, friends and food. The three most important F's. Some of my highlights for the wedding day:

*Grandpa Walker sealed us in the LDS Temple. He was the officiator of the wedding and made the day so much more memorable for the whole family.
*My dress was incredible- BETTER than J.crew. Last week I finally received an email saying that J.crew dress had been located on eBay, and if I wanted it, it was mine. Total cost of J.crew dress = $1,800. Total cost of my dress = $165. ZING!
*My mom did my hair and it was perrrrfect! We practiced a lot. She's the queen of up-do's.
*Matthew cracked his head open at the luncheon, which technically isn't a "highlight" but it is noteworthy (poor guy).

I just loved the entire experience and am so glad it's over! After two receptions, I am convinced that wedding stuff is overrated. However, the honeymoon is not overrated. Between brown bath water, "diarrhea since Easters", and jet ski chaffing, Ryan and I had the world's greatest honeymoon! We really had a lot of fun. We met some fun people and enjoyed the Mexican waiters who knew only few English words like "bon a ppetite" (which is actually French... but we didn't tell them that). Since it's Mexico, I did get sick, but continued to eat as many tacos and jalapeƱo poppers as possible. No upset stomach can stop me from eating the spiciest of foods.

We were glad to get home but were not glad to find the black mold in our apartment. Thankfully, it is now removed and neither of us show signs of tuberculosis. We've settled in and enjoy our darling apartment, mostly furnished and mostly odorless. We appreciate all those that sent gifts and money and deeply appreciate the value of a good knife. Ryan and I are both in school and working, and we enjoy the moments when we can just sit and veg. Ryan loves football season, playing basketball, and his iPhone almost as much as he loves me, and he is often found involved in one of the three in his spare time. I have been cooking everything I can find recipes for: artichoke dip, homemade pizza, muffins, cookies... the list is only growing. Ryan told me I couldn't cook anything new for a while because the leftovers are overflowing our fridge. I'm a little hesitant, but will resist.

Life is just new and fun right now. We've decided to re-apply to BYU for the Summer term. I'm nervous. The first time Ryan applied was just a kick-in-the-pants process and we don't know that this time will be any different. However, Ryan catches me wearing my BYU shirt daily and looking on their website often, and knows where my heart is. I miss it dearly and would much rather be there than here. But we do what we do! And we're happy all the way :) So wish us luck!

Oh, I also have the world's greatest husband. That includes this world and the many others. My married blogging life is taking off!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The countdown is ON.

Two weeks from yesterday I will be MRS. Caraline Lea Walker Williams. Or rather... Caraline Williams.

Wedding checklist:

Dress... FINISHED!
Shoes... bought.
Jewelry... waiting to be worn.
Pictures... this Saturday :)
Temple recommend... got it TODAY!
Ties... found. Bought. All 8 of them.
Family... maintaining sanity.
Music... waiting for the opportune moment to be rocked.
Flowers... beautiful. Tulips, daisies, calla lilies.
Tablecloths... just don't care after this point...

Bride... so incredibly excited that she has less than two weeks to make it all happen!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


i registered for school today! 4 classes now. one more to add. 16 credits total.
school school school.

i love school.
i remember getting a real phone call from the first boy that told me he liked me in 1st grade. he wanted me to go to a movie with him and his mom. i could taste the vomit rising into my mouth.

i remember curling my hair with rag ties the night before the first day of 3rd. boy, i had crazy hair the next day. i got made fun of and never wanted to curl my hair again. thanks, you stupid boys.

i remember the first time i experienced the pit in my stomach as i sat, waiting for my science teacher, to pass out an exam. i was in SIXTH GRADE.

i remember still wanting my mom to pack me a lunch my Junior year of High School. and she did. because she loves me :) she made me my lunch this week for work. best meat and cheese sandwich on the planet.

i know i'll look back in twenty years and remember things about my undergraduate and potentially graduate experience. i'm going to be married and going to school. that's a first. but this i promise you... i will finish. even if is from the Devil's school. no but really, i will always love school. and although i hope to never stop learning, i do hope the end to my bachelor's is sooner than i know.

even if it takes me a million years...

Friday, May 29, 2009

Summer Update!

It's been a while! So much to tell! I've been going crazy with planning summer camp for the kids at Gilbert Lifetime Fitness, planning a wedding, and planning my academic calendar for Fall.

Being home is awesome. I was able to meet two new very special people. My new niece, Samantha Jewel Walker was the first. She is adored by everyone, especially her big sister, Emma. And what a good big sister she is!

The second was my dear friend Mindi's baby boy, Logan. He's already three weeks old and so big! He told me I was his favorite babysitter.

It's a time for change and for new faces! Today marks the end of the first week of summer camp with new counselors and new kids. One week down, eleven to go! But we have an awesome staff this summer. Unfortunately, our enrollment numbers are low and we are seriously over-staffed. And since I'm in charge of scheduling the counselors I also hear all about the sad stories and circumstances everyone's in and why they need money badly. It's stressful! Such hard times. But the kids are awesome and make it all worth it!

I bought a wedding dress! For only $100! Can you believe it? I found it at a bridal salon called Azteca in Phoenix. Its not completely what I love, so Mr. William's aunt is going to alter and fix it into a version of this....

This is the Daphne wedding gown from the J.crew wedding line. It's no longer in stock because it SOLD OUT its first season. And in emailing everyone and their bridesmaid, this hot commodity can ONLY be found and bought for a hefty price. You guessed it... more than my $100 Azteca dress. This dress screams my name. But it isn't screaming loud enough for me to lay down a house payment just so I can look awesome come wedding day. I just know that the re-made version of this dress will be awesome-er and I cannot wait to wear it :)

I can't decide on a wedding announcement layout. And because they are so expensive I don't know whether to order them or just make them myself. All these decisions... vellum or no? Ribbon? A collage of pictures or just one? My colors are chocolate brown, pale yellow, and cream, and I'm having a hard time seeing an invitation with those colors. I got two months and 9 days. Wish me luck!

I think I may not go to ASU next semester and just take a full load at Mesa Community College. Since I have so many generals to take, I know it'll be a heck of a lot cheaper. And frankly, Mr. Williams and I can't afford much at this point. Our 'eating out' budget always exceeds the monthly goal because I just love my Applebees and Chipotle too much. Everything seemed cheaper in Provo. I'm still waiting for Cecil Samuelson to call me up on the phone and personally invite me and Ryan back to the Y, free of charge. Kind of like his apology for denying us.

But regardless of the busy busy days and high angst, I am so grateful to have time with my family and with Mr. Williams especially. He was so excited to show up to work and find two free tickets to the Dbacks game this week! He graciously took me. Date night couldn't have been better!Thanks Ryan for choosing your favorite girlfriend to take! I loved it :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another (school) year has gone by!

Finals are over! I took my last final and it wasn't exactly how I wanted to end my BYU career. Because, yes, I am leaving BYU and going to ASU for the Fall. Why? Because I'm marrying the best man in the world and living apart just won't do. How do I feel about it? Bitter/sweet. I tried having a moment with campus as I walked home from my last BYU test ever, and the Utah wind almost knocked me off my feet. Intimate moment gone. Utah weather knows I hate wind the most and loves choosing opportune times to perpetuate it. It's the one element I'm always fighting with; I get so frustrated when it deters me from walking in a straight line or talking on the phone. But nonetheless, I will miss you, Provo. Thank you for the endless winters, krispy kreme donuts, prank wars, the University Avenue Bum, breaking and entering into apartments, the many parking tickets, dance parties on the kitchen table, and too many memories to name. Talking about it makes me sad. So on to the next!

My housing contract is up! I'm living out of boxes and am about to be kicked out of my room so a new Liberty Square resident can enjoy the cinder block I've been slumbering on for the last 8 months. And with the passing of the torch I will take my rightful place on the couch. I'm really stoked about it. Super stoked.

With school OFF, work is ON. Women's Conference is this Thursday and Friday and the paper chain I made a month ago is looking pretty short. EEEK! My boss Jenn always get mad when I remind everyone in the office of our countdown. If anyone is coming to the big Women's Conference, come visit me in the Wilkinson Center Garden Court- I'll be helping your every needs. The rest of you, pray for me. 18,000 women can be overwhelming. I do promise to blog the many stories that will follow the mass exodus of women. Last year it was the chicken salad lady who left her food unattended for "only a minute" and when she returned it was gone. What?! Gone?? Obviously it was taken to the lost and found (under my care) and after two attempts to reclaim it, in the space of 2 hours, chicken salad lady lost her own battle. "Someone must have eaten it." She's probably right. Or the lady who, as I'm eating my lunch, wants me to share some. Oh sure, stranger. All I'm saying is just be ready for complete awesomeness.

I move home the day after (Saturday) and I'm excited! Again, bitter/sweet. I think Ryan will veto me ever leaving to go anywhere again. I tried telling him a study abroad wouldn't be THAT bad.... but we both know that's just silly. Plus, I really do just want to marry him. I'm sick of writing my name on my groceries. This summer = a whole lot of work with summer camp and wedding planning! I'm really excited :) And I've started to make big plans with my entrance into ASU. Goals that will keep me busy and involved. Arizona State won't know what hit them!

Until next time. Goodbye roomies, I love you!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Good news

HELLOOO. My boss told me that my good news is definitely blogger-appropriate. Although I usually never display the truly personal aspects of my life on here, I think its time :)

I'm ENGAGED! I've been dating a very wonderful man named Ryan Andrew Williams for 9 months now. We met in Arizona last summer and dated off and on during those months and became "official" in August. He's been going to school in Arizona and me in Utah and our long-distance time has been... way... fun. It's been rough but we're just glad to see have seen each other as much as we could. He came up last weekend for Conference and proposed on top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, at the glass window that overlooks Temple Square, in the midst of many tourists and on-lookers. Our audience made for quite a memorable experience. We've now become the new face on pages of many strangers' scrapbooks.

We are getting married in the Mesa, Arizona Temple on Saturday, August the 8th. We booked the Wright House for our reception that night and are planning on a killer honeymoon to Hawaii. Thank you Brother and Sister Williams. Everything feels happy and we couldn't be more excited!

Here are some cute pictures of us and the proposal.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Y-not serve?

This semester has been crazy busy! And it's half-way OVERRRRR. Crikey.

I've been volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. It's a Christian organization that builds homes for families that can't otherwise afford at their own cost. We build homes. I build homes. Who-would-a thunk? I am gratefully one of their newest Site Safety Coordinator's. It sounds more awesome than it is. I pick out splinters and help my friends be safe, as well as work alongside the other volunteers. Along with my personal endeavors with this non-profit organization, I have become apart of Habitat's new BYU Chapter group. The President of the club is in my ward and asked me to be the Social Coordinator (I prefer "the social guru") and help get the club kick-started. It's been a blast! We've been working on a home in Provo and have another one that opened this week in Orem. We also had our first ever social full of waffles, music, and mingling. Thanks to Facebook and mass texting, we had over 30 people attend. Build days are full of painting fumes, dust everywhere, power tools, roofing, safety glasses, and some of the best people in all of Provo.

Working with this program has helped balance my life up here and put things into a busy and humble perspective. I love it :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

pretty maids all in a row.

I always have a song in my head..

Today's: You Are The Best Thing by Ray LaMontagne. It was actually the background number to my dream... which was rudely disturbed by a said roommates alarm. A song by Nickleback nonetheless. Never a song in my head.

I love music. Particularly the music bred into me. Music played from numbers of records and tapes my father stashed away until weekend nights with the family. CCR and The Beach Boys. 90's music my brother's worshipped while arguing if Soundgarden or The Smashing Pumpkins would win in a rock-off. Beatles, Foo Fighters, Simon and Garfunkle, The Police, Pearl Jam, Sublime, the freaking Aquabats, anything rock-and-roll (to name a few). The strong denial of disco and 80's butt-rock music. (And, of course, country.) I admit I've found my likings outside of my mentoring. Whether I've stuck with the Walker family guidelines to the correct usage of music, I just know how to boogie. "I feel it in my bones." It's in my blood. And my blood wants to share my top iPod songs with you. I constantly listen to these songs. Allow me to enlighten you on my fav's. Listening?

(I just added this one... so yes, you counted right. 11 songs.)
11.) To Be Surprised by: Sondre Lerche
From the movie Dan In Real Life, which I adore. I can relate to songs like this and feel that the folk sound isn't utilized enough in popular music. Please PLEASE download this song.

10.) Rosanna by: Toto.
This is the closest thing I know of 80's music. You can't stop me. There's a certain awesomeness to the xylophone interludes and synthesized brass instruments. The musicality is simply striking. The snapping makes it a pretty easy song to dance Westside Story-like to. You know exactly what I'm talking about.

9.) Love Story by: Taylor Swift.
I just can't help myself. I had to be honest.

8.) In Your Eyes: Peter Gabriel
Recent discovery... long time comin'. Unfortunately the means in which I discovered this song was through a cover done by Sara Bareilles. She did do an excellent job, but the original is absolutely better. Next song to find by Peter G... Sledgehammer.

7.) Lovers In Japan/Reign of Love by: Coldplay
I wish this weren't already a single. Something about everyone now having this as their ringtone sends a wave of irritation through my jacket. I guess it's just that good of a single... two songs in one. It has a good dynamic contrast between the two. If you really want to be wow-ed, go see them in concert. Twice is not enough for me.

6.) Forever by: Chris Brown.
Look, I don't even care what you say. Go ahead and judge me. This song puts me in a better mood than anything. He's got the moves. He's got the looks. He's got the song of my heart. I plan on quoting him this song when I meet him.

5.) Listen to the Music by: The Doobie Brothers
I don't know half of what is being said but I don't care. I'm gonna let the music play. Definitely a feel-good song. That's all I really have to say about it. I do want to watch Remember the Titans everytime I listen to this song. Don't even think its apart of the soundtrack. It's just THAT good.

4.) Slow Me Down by: Emmy Rossum
This is a mix between Imogen Heap and Enya. Little Miss former star of Phantom has done quite well with her vocal abilities. I found this, along with some Jonas Brothers jams, on the Lifetime Fitness summer playlist. This song is fantastic. (So is Love Bug by the boys.)

3.) Lady In Spain: Ingrid Michaelson
There are too little words to describe my passion for Ingrid. She is the perfect arrangement of happy for me. I recently found this song and with my 30 second iTunes preview, knew I had to buy it. "I can be... anything I want to."

2.) Love Will Keep Us Alive by: The Eagles
My parents have this live concert of their whole Hell Freezes Over album and this song gives me chills to hear everytime. It's the perfect little Valentine's song.

1.) Brass Bed by: Josh Gracin
Mmmmmm. At different poses, Josh looks like the Fonze. I'm okay with that. I'm not the hugest country fan and am the outcast of the family for even breaching the country side. But I am beginning to like it more and more. Mainly, I just love this song. I will never retire from Brass Bed. It will go down with me to my grave.... bed.

There you have it. Another insight into my soul.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Steal My Sunshine

I am craving warmth and sunshine and popsicles and flip flops.....
I am a summer. NOT a winter.

This weekend is a three-day weekend... BYU's alternative to Spring Break. Don't worry, we get another one in February. Out of the kindness of their Cougar hearts.

So in order to better help me make it through this semester and have things to look FORWARD to as I kick the snow off my boots and plead to the heavens for a taste of summer sun... I thought I'd make a list of things I wanted to happen or do or see in 2009. Yes- a goal list. Both productive and pleasurable. Something that will help me enjoy the NOW and keep me interested in this CaralineWorld. So tell me, bloggers, what books and what sites and what adventures would best suit me??? I'm open for it all. Ready to try new things. Kick new pants. Take it upon yourself to help make my year kickin'.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

So what? I'm still a rockstar.

This is so overdue. I don't know what happened to me in the last two months that would honestly take me away from my Blogging duties. Hello??!

I have this belief... theory... ok, opinion that women love to feel sorry for themselves. From girlhood we have put ourselves into situations that inevitably led to heartache and self-pity. We love listening to sap songs on Deliah and watching Sleepless in Seattle only hoping that years of loneliness can lead to a perfect life of romantic pleasure. It's like as females we expect that once we feel dejected or get rejected the world will send us roses. Wouldn't that be nice? To come home after a hard day of work or a bad breakup and find a bouquet of Daisies on your doorstep? Or a box of Belgian chocolates.... mmmm. Just because you're a woman who's lonely and deserves it?

I see it in every movie. Every book. Every song. My favorite: The Wedding Planner. Duh. J-Lo does an incredible job of being the perfectly content single woman who shys away from relationships because of a previous heartbreak and false opportunities. She never goes on dates. She vacuums her curtains. She plans other people's happy endings. Her life stinks. And yet, the first time I saw that movie I wanted to be her and live that life. What is with that?! And! What about how every woman feels so connected to Jane Austen. I love her, I do. Her stories are captivating as was her personal life. But maybe love grows to envy of something we DON'T actually want. So in the midst of living vicariously through thousands of sappy love stories, we still remember that we have a life to live as well. We have our own sappy.... story. Love or not. To me, its the idea of being independent. It's the idea of living a separate life, single from the world itself. And yet as we try and gain a unique female identity, we find ourselves wanting the acceptance from society (particularly males) and waiting for that dang box of chocolates.

I am that girl. I am that girl wants to be "found when no one else was looking." (Thank you, Kelly Clarkson. Good luck with your romantic endeavors as well). So I don't write this in efforts to try and call out the flaws of females.... because I am one and I do the works. But in an effort to change this mindset that I am currently in, I think my best option would be to stop saying "someday" my "Romeo" will come (clever name, Taylor Swift). What happened to my today's? I, and anyone else, can still be that independent girl. We can always just hope for the best right now. "Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game," (Cinderella Story). Keep holding on to those bogus movies lines and cliche lyrics. We live for them, right?

I mean what doesn't make you stronger will at least put hair on your chest. Always stick to the positive side of things. And remember... love IS a battlefield. I salute you, Pat Benatar.