Friday, January 16, 2009

Steal My Sunshine

I am craving warmth and sunshine and popsicles and flip flops.....
I am a summer. NOT a winter.

This weekend is a three-day weekend... BYU's alternative to Spring Break. Don't worry, we get another one in February. Out of the kindness of their Cougar hearts.

So in order to better help me make it through this semester and have things to look FORWARD to as I kick the snow off my boots and plead to the heavens for a taste of summer sun... I thought I'd make a list of things I wanted to happen or do or see in 2009. Yes- a goal list. Both productive and pleasurable. Something that will help me enjoy the NOW and keep me interested in this CaralineWorld. So tell me, bloggers, what books and what sites and what adventures would best suit me??? I'm open for it all. Ready to try new things. Kick new pants. Take it upon yourself to help make my year kickin'.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

So what? I'm still a rockstar.

This is so overdue. I don't know what happened to me in the last two months that would honestly take me away from my Blogging duties. Hello??!

I have this belief... theory... ok, opinion that women love to feel sorry for themselves. From girlhood we have put ourselves into situations that inevitably led to heartache and self-pity. We love listening to sap songs on Deliah and watching Sleepless in Seattle only hoping that years of loneliness can lead to a perfect life of romantic pleasure. It's like as females we expect that once we feel dejected or get rejected the world will send us roses. Wouldn't that be nice? To come home after a hard day of work or a bad breakup and find a bouquet of Daisies on your doorstep? Or a box of Belgian chocolates.... mmmm. Just because you're a woman who's lonely and deserves it?

I see it in every movie. Every book. Every song. My favorite: The Wedding Planner. Duh. J-Lo does an incredible job of being the perfectly content single woman who shys away from relationships because of a previous heartbreak and false opportunities. She never goes on dates. She vacuums her curtains. She plans other people's happy endings. Her life stinks. And yet, the first time I saw that movie I wanted to be her and live that life. What is with that?! And! What about how every woman feels so connected to Jane Austen. I love her, I do. Her stories are captivating as was her personal life. But maybe love grows to envy of something we DON'T actually want. So in the midst of living vicariously through thousands of sappy love stories, we still remember that we have a life to live as well. We have our own sappy.... story. Love or not. To me, its the idea of being independent. It's the idea of living a separate life, single from the world itself. And yet as we try and gain a unique female identity, we find ourselves wanting the acceptance from society (particularly males) and waiting for that dang box of chocolates.

I am that girl. I am that girl wants to be "found when no one else was looking." (Thank you, Kelly Clarkson. Good luck with your romantic endeavors as well). So I don't write this in efforts to try and call out the flaws of females.... because I am one and I do the works. But in an effort to change this mindset that I am currently in, I think my best option would be to stop saying "someday" my "Romeo" will come (clever name, Taylor Swift). What happened to my today's? I, and anyone else, can still be that independent girl. We can always just hope for the best right now. "Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game," (Cinderella Story). Keep holding on to those bogus movies lines and cliche lyrics. We live for them, right?

I mean what doesn't make you stronger will at least put hair on your chest. Always stick to the positive side of things. And remember... love IS a battlefield. I salute you, Pat Benatar.