Thursday, November 20, 2008

I want you!

I'm so happy to report that I am apart of the most wonderful family in the entire world. My biased opinions have left me feeling a little homesick for them. I've been reading the most famous Nie-Nie and Mr. Neilson's updated blog and it just makes me miss my Walker roots.

It's a darn good thing I have my charming brother, Jesse, up here with me. I don't know how I'd manage without him. We ate lunch together almost every day last week on campus. And after we'd eat, we'd sit. And talk. And laugh at funny things funny people do. He's been so good to me and regardless of who I'm with on the weekends, I always wish I were with him. Or rather.... with him and the whole Walker Clan. So we all could laugh at the funny things that funny people do. I wish you could all know my brother Jesse. He's a hard-worker. And he could quite possibly be the funniest person I know. We are so much alike. Not in the funny factory, but in everything else. People will either ask us if we're dating or if we're twins. I love it when people assume I'm the older twin. Four and a half years difference means nothing when your brother still wears shark shorts to college. But I'm not embarrassed.

My middlest brother Brett married the daintiest little Lindsey and have a sweet marriage. They travel everywhere and do everything. Lindsey obsesses over Veronica Mars and Brett obsesses over nuclear warfare. Their explorations from Utah to Monterey to Jordan to Austria amaze us all. My best-friend brother Brett (you keep saying that alliteration) could outsmart the entire U.S. government- with his eyes closed and a creamie in hand. I'm not quite sure Brett even likes creamies. I remember Brett leaving the airport to report to the MTC is Sao Paolo, Brazil, a week before 9/11. He was so excited and so ready and I was so so distrought. Why did my mom have to have all these boys who constantly left me all the time? But as Bretty hugged his way through the fan-club of masses, he approached me with a hug and heavy eyes. We sobbed. Two years later was one of the best days of my life. The security guard at the high school escorted me to the lobby of the main office where my freshly returned missionary brother was waiting to greet me. I couldn't run down those stairs fast enough. I couldn't hug him hard enough. I sobbed again. He's quick and solid. Lindsey is just the same. They are perfect for the other.

My oldest brother, Curt, and his lovely wife, Stephanie, brought their little family up to Utah this semester for a little Fall Break vaca. I loved it. Jesse loved it. But Matthew did not. Or rather, he did not like saying goodbye. As I got in the car to leave our short visit, I found almost 3 year old Matthew all ready in the passenger seat. He wanted to come with. And as his dad took him out of the car he sobbed. We're a sobbing family. He outstretched his arm and howled "I just wanttttt youuuuu." Jess and I felt pretty important that day. Curt's family is so fun. He is such a good father and husband. I have always thought that when I decided to get married, he'd be the brother I consult everything with. He's the oldest. He was what I looked up to always. Curt is so level-headed and makes sense of most everything. I trust his judgement in almost anything... almost. I never trusted his BB gun wars. Never. But I get so excited thinking about seeing him and his wife and kids. Curt loves just being surrounded by his family, just like I do. And I think that of all the kids, him and I look the most alike. Except for that perfect nose he has. Where DID he get that nose anyway?

In searching through my picture albums, I found some from a couple summers ago. There are older and the kids look younger. But don't we always want to cherish our youth? I should remember that when I'm trying to skip years in growing up.

And we welcome you, baby #3! Until next time...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Picture update!

HALLOWEENY! Me and Katie at her smashing Halloween party.

This semester has gone by incredibly fast... and I love it! Most times. Other times I need a third dimension time warp- like this one time last year... Limher and I were over at our friend's apartment and our favorite nomad friend, Logan, put on a glow stick show for us to Enya's greatest hits. I felt like Dory and Marlin on Finding Nemo when that light/fish/thing in the ocean completely puts them in a hippie trans. It was AWESOME. Fifty whole minutes of awesome. There's a distinct difference between being so relaxed that you just want to fall asleep and so relaxed that you can't open your eyes wide enough, and you would submit body and soul to everything awesome happening at that moment. This was one of those times. By the way... Limher is doing so well! I got a letter about 3 weeks ago and he is just on fire. I haven't received any pictures but when I do, you can guarantee I'll post. Anyway! Here are some pictures I've taken as of late at my lovely BYU home.

The roomies and I had a nice little photo shoot after baking some cookies. Juline was the star performer that night.
Our Mary friend. She can just work the camera.
My personal favorite. She only works for those who pay in large sums.

Note: The apron. So please... enjoy.

The last BYU home football game. We love football! Our seats were right behind the south endzone.

Hope your semester is going as good as mine! Chow.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Toooooo excited!

I'm so excited for:

Snow.... mostly.
Snowball fights... mostly.
Christmas lights.
Seeing my beautiful family.
Christmas Eve and Day
School to be over.
Going home.
Temple lights.
Christmas at Rockefeller Center... except I'm not REALLY going there. Just wishin' and dreamin' :)

I'm too excited for the best time of the year.

Monday, November 3, 2008

In my own magical way, I was able to VOTE this election and let my voice be heard. It's bizarre to think that in only a few days, we will KNOW who the next President of the United States will be. In complete HONESTY, it was a toss-up for me this election. And I'm not going to say it's because "both candidates are terrible" or "it's a lesser of two evils." This is POLITICS. This is America. It's all about FIGHTING for what is good and seeking for that better tomorrow. And with such a monumental and HISTORICAL election, I can see the fight in these men. My parents said their Stake President made a point this weekend to discourage and condemn political hate emails against either candidate. Our NATION will be ok, was his point. I feel so much like I want to ECHO his words. With earnest prayers and righteous desires, God will lead those who are faithful. And because of that...

I will fear no evil.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Feel it.

"What the WORLD needs now..."
My Jackie friend called me the other night... talked politics and voting matters. She concluded she only would vote for one thing most uncommon in this election time... love. Let the hippy movement begin!

" love sweet love."
October is the precusor to everything beautiful for me. Birthdays, holidays, family time. It's my Thursday for the months ahead. Only just one more day and its Friday.... one more holiday and its Thanksgiving and Christmas. Time to be with the ones I cherish the MOST. Nothing equates more to love than this.

"That's the only thing, that there's just too little of."
I feel like I know so little in a time when there's so much to learn. Days pile on top of the other and time slips by... today I'll take more time to learn about others. Put aside my wants. And to, "Love thy neighbor as thyself."

Monday, October 27, 2008

Caraline Truisms.

I have learned that turning twenty automatically institutes a sense of wisdom. I'm already more mature, more sophisticated, and more knowledgeable. So, please, allow me to enlighten you on recent findings in the last couple of weeks.

#1.) Having blood drawn results in bruising.
I have had some funny health issues and have seen one too many doctor and (forgive my crassness) urinated in one too many a cup. The tricky phlebotomist used kind smiles and tempting cartoon postings on the wall to lure me into her jabbings. I can't help but show everyone my arm- I mean, regardless of age, bruises are still cool.

#2.) Sometimes you really do have to dance.
I feel entitled to dancing. You are as well- just tell yourself its your perogative. It takes one bad day, one bad test, one bad mood, and only one GOOD song to erase any previous care. I recommend using hot sauce bottles with little Mexican men on them to sing to and a sturdy table to dance on. If you have an accessible window that can serve as a mirror... please take this into consideration. Top dance songs that this twenty year-old shakes it to: Mercy by Duffy, Rosanna by Toto, and anything by Justin Timberlake. Great for warding off potential dates.

#3.) Every once in a while buying an expensive sweater is ok.
Remember my post on what I wanted badly? Clothes galore? Well! I bought that cute little sweater from the Gap, just in grey. I love it. I actually talked to the Gap publicist about using me as the sweater model instead of the current model. She needs to "work it" more. Just think about it... me + grey gap sweater + Justin Timberlake = something ripe. It was a pricey sweater. Believe you me, I'm not a fan of spending money but this is just one of those sweaters that truly betters your life. I've worn it everyday since I've bought it. I'm going on three days now. But it's ok because twenty year-olds can do that. Save your money for a nice birthday hello.

#4.) Eating bad food will always be bad for you.
Zuchinni cake? Check. Buffalo wings? Check. Halloween cupcakes? Check check. Snickers minis? Ouch... check. I've reached that stage of being paranoid that every bite of something bad equates to 3 extra pounds. We live in a scary world full of scary foods. Scary but so so yummy. This is not to say that eating this food is against any law. I believe that this bad food can also be a good thing. Think of the joy and happiness it brings WHILE eating. Forget the aftermath... focus on the now. I'm twenty and do I live for today? Check.

More wisdom will follow. Just remember... age encourages wisdom.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Just enjoy the show.

I can't remember the last time I got lost in library's sea of books. That thought makes me frustrated because I LOVE to read. I can remember the last time I got lost in the library in a sea of homework. I'm trying to find dry ground as we speak.

I can't remember the last time I let somebody surprise me. I love surprises but love ruining them for myself just as much. Then I'm sad at myself for not letting the surprise take over. My curiosity and impatience gets the better of me.

I can't remember the last time I felt so completely in control of my little world. I almost freely allow the world itself to take control of me and I'm just along for the ride. My screaming thoughts, my heart pounding desires, my overwhelming inhibitions... all telling me what to do. Maybe I like it better that way.

Maybe I'll get a hold on this thing called life and surprise myself...
Anyone an Ugly Betty fan?? My roommate introduced me to this very fitting song. Add it to your collection.

I'm just a little bit caught in the middle
Life is a maze and love is a riddle
I don't know where to go, I can't do it alone
I've tried. And I don't know why...

I'm just a little girl lost in the moment
I'm so scared but I don't show it
I can't figure it out, it's bringing me down
I know. I've got to let it go
and just enjoy the show
-Lady Lenka

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"I don't care how, I want it now!"

Just call me Veruca, darling. This says EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING I want right now. I want money. Never ending supply, please. I want to buy clothes... c-u-t-e clothes. I want to wear light sweaters with classic slacks and high heels. Fancy that novel idea... me + style = completely revolutionary. I want to be the owner of the Gap and use a local store as my closet where I could frolic from clothing rack to clothing rack throwing my left over clothes to Pierre, the store clerk. Pierre would blatantly tell me whether or not my light ocre top actually looked tre posh with my pleated skirt. I want it all. I want this cute little number. What do you think? Maybe, just very gently, attach my head to the top of the picture for a better representation of what I am imagining. I'm not a big online shopper, but when work becomes boring and brain waves become stale, this girlish chore does me right.

Also... I don't own one purse. I own what COULD be a purse but because of its hideous nature, I only use it on Sundays for a scripture case. It's the most important day of the week. You'd think I'd upgrade my priorities. I really just have picky picky taste with objects I like to fling over my shoulders. This tote bag is kinda cute. Not $210.00 cute... but fun to look at. :) I want a cute purse. And though I sound very Hollywood for saying this, I MAY want a cute dog to put in my purse. I mean why not? Isn't that what purses are for?

My brother Jesse said he'd give me a makeover when I got my braces off... for free. I know, what a sweetheart. He promised me a pair of shoes. I want those shoes I'm promised. Or maybe these...

What do YOU want??

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Sweetest Thing...

There never seems to be too many simple pleasures in life. It's been a long week. I'm tired and sort of ponderish. Maybe its in our weakness that we feel the most humbled. Those little beauties all around me were not as appreciated in my hectic schedule but now that I breathe with full awareness that life IS ok, I want to think of my favorite things. I love walking when the weather is beautiful like it is today. There are so many beautiful flowers on campus. I love seeing these flowers... they're my favorite. Tulips- tulips are my true favorite. Tulips and daisies. Daisies really are friendly flowers. One of my favorite memories as a child was picking berries in Seattle. It may have been the feel of family gatherings, the smell of that old creeky house, or the touch of my Grandma's soft hands that put me in a state of euphoria. Or maybe it was just the pure taste of raspberries. Mmm how I love berries. I have a pretty family that I love so dearly. What do we do with our charismatic fathers or our gentle mothers? What do we do with our ever-fulfilling brothers who want nothing but goodness for you? We love them. That's what we do. "Ain't love the sweetest thing?"

It's a time for more gratitude.
It's a time for more noticing.
It's a time to smile and to love a little bit more.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Riddle me THAT.

I have a bone to pick. Ok what does that even mean??? How about I have a case to rest; a quarrel to settle.

Ever since I can remember, I have been the child displaced from children my own age and, either by choice or chosen upon, has played with the big kids. This has NEVER dissatisfied me. In fact, I actually prefer it. My older brothers have shown me a thing or two about being tough. My parents never settled for immaturity and juvenile attitudes. I have been guided well in the big kid world. Because of my young quasi training, I became very observant of the world around me. Now for present tense. I still am always aware of my surroundings. In social settings, I MOSTLY act according to what is appropriate and what is beneficial for myself.

Now for my point.

My behavior seems shocking to most people. They feel it doesn't act in accordance to their standards of how THEY think I should. Why? Because apparently, there is some direct correlation, probably devised by Archimedes or Barbara Walters, between behavior and age. This principle of Behavioral Tendencies of Age clearly defines that if I, a 19-year-old girl, am placed in situation A, the results will always turn out with the answer of Y. As in, Y on earth is she so immature?!? Believe you me, I know how teenage girls act. I know how they are. I know what they like and I know how they like it. I am NOT suggesting that I am completely above and removed from these stereotypes. Fact: I am a fan of BSB. I can name every member of their band as well. I love the early years of Britney. The "Hit Me Baby One More Time" album got me through some of the hardest points in my life. Including last weeks Sociology paper. I understand the importance of abbreviating words to better emphasize a point. For instance, that girl last week was buggin' but whatev. I owned every color scrunchie in elementary school only for the sake of sporting it on my left wrist. Non-dominate hand rule. So I state again that I am not trying to disregard my role as a teenage girl. I am boldly stating in opposition to this principle of behavior and age that not every girl will blame their tempermental ways on PMS or emo influences. I CAN have intelligent conversations and I DO have aspirations and goals for my future. If I could count how many time guys here have asked me I were either going into Communications, Elementary Education, or Beauty School then I'd be a rich woman. There is nothing WRONG with these professions- I know a lot of respectable women who do the above and seem on top of the world. But I can pick a desirable line of study outside of these choices.

Please don't think I'm looking for extra compliment comments on my blog the next time I log on. Although that IS the highlight of having my own account. (Comments are priceless). I guess I'm just tired of the same reaction from people. From adults who trust their children in my care but once my age is disclosed, all respect is lost. Or from guys who will get to know me and do one of two things when the number 19 is brought to their attention... A.) Tell me I'm lying. Because no 19 year-old can behave like this. Or B.) Change their mind about asking me out. Give me a break people!

I have thought about this for some time now. And because I am a problem solver, I have made an idea list for possible solutions to this unsettled score. Such as legally changing my age or learning how to drop-kick. But as the reader... I am also open to your thoughts. Maybe the best idea would be to swallow my words and let Britney heal my wounds.

Can't people just take me SERIOUSLY!? :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Where in the world?

In a desperate effort to keep my blog updated, exciting and unique, I feel I fall short many times to accomplish all of the above. I may need some help and ideas.

First things first. A little update on my little life. School started up again and classes are shooting off like a rocket. I'm taking a couple generals, a Social Theory class and a prerequisite for Art History. Fourteen credit hours. And 16 hours of work a week. Not too bad. Those two are my favorite classes ever. It's so fun to just learn. I love being in school. I love all of it. I think going off to college makes you appreciate the ability to know and to develop an understanding of the world. I have been so intruiged by my sociology book about the early and modern philosophers of our time. I could really feel strongly the other night that these men like Socrates and Aquinas, even though they were missing HUGE key elements to important truths, they honestly created a vast opening to pure knowledge and what I believe in today. Such good men.. regardless of their wackiness. My roommates are AMAZING! Absolutely incredible girls. I live south of campus in a trashy little apartment with 5 beautiful girls and we have so much fun all the time. There is never a dull moment when they're around. We eat together, we pray together... it's just an incredible and completely different experience than last year. Tomorrow I'm going to my first ever BYU football game! HOORAY. My ward seems pretty good. So all in all everything is well. I have people ask me about dating... and that's NOT something I like to post on my blog. So in short... dating is good :).

Ok. So that was a hit-it-up-quick version of my life. I am thinking of ideas for my next ones... really awesome ideas. Ones that just blow your mind away. Please, if you have any, let me know. I'm up for all ideas. Until then!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Summer Update!

I do apologize to all of my fans and blog-stalkers that I have not written a new post pretty much at all this summer. It has been such an incredible summer for me. I'm still trying to pinpoint why... but until I do, I'll just be grateful. Some things I've done this summer:

-Went to Safford/Thatcher for my first time ever. Not the WORST place in the world. No really it was fun. My ward is having this mass influx of people moving from there and I've been so curious as to what the talk of this strange land was all about. I really REALLY loved it! I went for the 4th of July with Alissa and Limher. Perfect little getaway.

-I quit my Lifetime job and then went back after a week. Due to a crappy situation I threw away 4 years of working for that company. And then I went into the garbage can and took it back out for round 2. Maybe it was round 3, or 4... who knows how many times I've REALLY quit that place. The children were AWESOME this summer though. You spend enough time with the same kids and they really become a part of you. I would go home after 11 hour work days and still be thinking about them, if they were ok, if they were going to behave the next day. I'm sad this is my last and final summer doing this. It makes me wonder how much of an impact I've made on them because I can only tell you the impact that has been set on me. Here's our traditional food fight... I got SLAUGHTERED.

Swimtime. Its awesome.

Our also traditional talent show. Counselor talent = eat donuts with no hands.

-Bought the new Coldplay album!! Holy moly. Please, everyone, everywhere, BUY IT! Their other albums- Parachutes, Rush of Blood to the Head, X & Y (whatever else I'm missing) & millions of bsides have been the building ground for this album. Viva la Vida. "But that was when I ruled the world..." And GREAT news! They are coming to Phoenix for the US Tour- guess who's going?? That's right. Yours truly... November 26.

-My best friend, Limher Montoya, left on his mission. I thought it would be a lot harder than it is. I just love that kid and I truly do miss him. And in all honesty, I did cry the night I said goodbye. But I just feel SO happy for him and where he's at because I know HE'S happy! I got my first letter from him. It was better than any missionary letter I've ever received. Ever.

-I fell in love with my cute singles ward. I made so many friends. Got a fun little calling (I can say "fun" now that its over... blasted ward directory) and just really enjoyed myself. I know that if you put yourself out there and make the effort to meet people and have a good experience, it CAN happen.

-I went to two awesome concerts. Joshua Radin/Vanessa Carlton/Alexa Awesome... and PARAMORE! So sweaty, but so awesome. I always tend to run into this problem at concerts...

-I went to Oceanside, Californ-i-a. AH! It was incredible. I only was there for a couple days because my dear friend, Mrs. Dawnee Ray Godfrey, married her Robert the same week. I tell you what- after doing the same thing all summer long and working hard and long through it, its nice to have a vacation. I have had this trip planned since March. Motel booked and everything. The beach was 5 minutes walking distance from our motel. The weather was PERFECT. Beach, shopping, eating, guitar, bonfires, pier sitting, morning jogging on the beach, beach, beach, beach, evening olympics, hotel workers... all of the above made for the whole experience. Here's me, Jackie, & Katie eating on the pier at Ruby's. Bliss.

Dawnee's Reception!

-Wrote my first couple of songs. I feel so awesome after writing a song! If you ever ask me to play them, I may act like I don't know what you're talking about or claim to have never memorized them. This is because of my fear of embarrassing myself. Sorry friends.

THERE YA GO. I hope you enjoyed your summer as much as I did mine.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


I like to challenge myself. I like to overcome certain areas of laziness. The other areas can remain in place. I've been thinking about doing this for a month now... and finally I've come to place, IN WRITING (or typing), my 1/2 year resolutions. It's almost the end of June... month 6 of our calendar year... and I'm ready to refresh those New Year's Resolutions. Why not take this 1/2 year mark and start again?? I'm a fan of starting new. A wise bishop gave three areas of goal making. I've stuck with his advice ever since.

Spiritual Goals:
-Do scripture reading in the MORNINGS. I know myself all too well and realize this will take serious training and extensive mental conditioning. I'm ready and willing. I think.

*Note: I heard an experience once of a mother and her growing family and the dedication and Spiritual upliftment she brought to them. When asked how she performed so well and managed to keep her sanity, she said she had thirty minutes EVERY DAY to herself. Her husband knew when this time was, and she would leave and go to her room to pray and read. 15 minutes of scripture study and 15 minutes of praying. What a great example.


-15 minutes of scripture study followed by 15 minutes of praying. Why wait until I have a family? Why not start now?
-Evening prayers will be VOCAL. I mean business.
-Keep up the weekly temple visits. Maybe pick a day other than Saturday... Saturdays are crazy...
-Continue on with my New Testament Reading. I've never really ventured outside of the Book of Mormon. It's about time to take that leap.
-Write in my journal every night. Yikes. Help me help me. I love how my BYU Boss (and friend :)) refers to Elder Eyring's talk on journal keeping and cultivating the past, present, and future. My entries will focus on how I've seen the hand of the Lord in my life.

-Take one of the free classes offered at the gym! THEY ARE FREE! What more do I need? Oh, I know... someone physically putting me in my gym shoes and dragging me into the studio. I can be REALLY pathetic.
-I've never had to really watch what I've eaten before now. It's frightening what happens to the body with excess caloric intake.
-Workout atleast... 4 times a week. For starters. I am the next Karate Kid.

-My friends are wonderful. Keep on surrounding myself with people who only uplift me.
-Stay social! My church and ward is so great. I love the activities offered and have made so many new friends.
-Get enough sleep. I really perform SO MUCH BETTER with more sleep. The kids like me more too when Ms. Caraline gets her night's rest.
-Read more. I found myself becoming idle with my nights because I am too tired to do anything after work and want to "relax". I'm going to FINISH The Secret Garden by August. Hooray!

Wish me luck. I'm still learning about myself and I think that my biggest goal is to be able to define every end of who I am and live for what I know.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Brace Face? Yeah RIGHT!

For the last year and eight months, I have had nasty braces. There has not been a day that has gone by in those passing weeks that I haven't really hated having them. It made me very self-aware and just annoyed with the little tasks of keeping up with the braces. I'd rather keep up with the Jones', personally. Either way, I can stop complaining because today I got them OFF! I love having regular teeth and a regular smile. It's so fun! I'm sure those of you who have experienced the brace-face experience, know what I mean.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Summer love!

I found myself a fling! Yeah.. that's right. I have a little love interest and it involves me and big fat summertime! I love my summer. I love the Arizona sun and driving in my big brown truck with my windows rolled down. I love wearing shorts and flip flops and eating ice cubes hour after hour. Mmmmm. I love playing with Emma and Matthew in the pool and later taking naps with them on the living room floor. My fling consists of a real strong foundation of open-endedness. I know what to expect with this summer... a whole lot of working. I started work within two days of being home and will work up until I leave, but I truly am grateful for work. I also know that with my planned activities... anything is game. "Now all I wanna do is spread my wings and fly..." I love my summertime music tracks that give me that super excited feeling in my tummy and make me wanna go dancing in the middle of the street. Don't think I wouldn't do this. Been there, done that. Summer means seeing old friends and making new ones. I love that :). It means late-night swims and early morning jogs (thank you AZ heat). AND! Sonic trips, slip and slides, the camp food fight, field trips with millions of children, tan lines, summer institute, summer book list, library trips, weekly temple visits, tortillas, getting my braces off on june 17th!!!!!!, and just being happy.

My summer fling makes me happy and brings me contentment. Isn't that what every relationship should bring? I thunk so. So go make the most of YOUR summer! Eat a banana popsicle, go camping, be creative. And just BE HAPPY.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


















Friday, April 18, 2008

My Life is a Painting.

I absolutely love my decision in minoring in Art History. I have learned so much this semester in my 202 class and want so much to be an art scholar. I love anything from Romanticism to Modernism. It's interesting to me how certain individuals really struggle opening their minds to different styles of art. Many find Duchamp's Fountain to be anything BUT art and feel perturbed just looking at it. I say "Touche Duchamp." He set out to test the Academic tradition of art and succeeded. He's an artist in my book. And in my text book.

As I've learned different elements of art I find myself critiquing EVERYTHING around me and identifying with objects that I wouldn't have otherwise thought captivating. There have been certain characteristics about my surroundings in where I live and attended to this year that have really imprinted a comfortable image on my memory. And now that the school year is quickly closing, and the weather improving drastically, I wish I would have appreciated the little things more.

Provo's mountains are incredible. Absolutely breathtaking. My small kitchen window shoots straight towards Y-Mountain and makes for a pick-me-up during dishes days. Arizona has lovely scenes of mountains but I've never lived this close to an incredible piece of nature. And the people here just fascinate me... their day to day lives and routines. I love just sitting outside and watching people pass by. We are truly manufactured beings in our machine-set ways. Even the Swords and Quills club can't escape their expectations. But I love it. I love the art in them as well. Do I sound completely full of bull? I don't mean to. I guess what I'm trying to say is whether accepted or not, art is in EVERYTHING. Gustave Courbet says it best... “Fine art is knowledge made visible.” Thank you, father of Realism, for... keeping it real.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I read this book in Sociology this year and LOVED it! Such a great read on the inequality of lower-class Americans. An incredible analysis of our perception of "laziness" and how the poor barely meet ends. READ IT.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Tribute to Gen

I think I'm going BLOGCRAZY! I just have down time with no more classes and finals in a week that I'm lovin' this free life. Wish it were this simple ALL the time.

So my roommate Genevieve Lynette Pipes has blessed my lifethis year. It's so hard to think that we've lived together for almost 8 months now and that it will just be over and end when finals are done. We are so different and so much alike. And because of this we have been able to lift eachother up this school year and be best friends. I really love her. Just like I would if I had a sister... and if she had one too. So I decided to make a montage of funny pictures we've taken this year and tribute it to my girl, G.

Nice to meet you, Gen's stuff. This was all I had to verify that someone was moving in with me. She had a lot of.... junk. :) It was on that very bed on our first night together that I steamrolled her.

Saturday mornings are our FAVORITE! There's no need to shower or look cute... as one might very well be able to see. That's why I love her so much- because she doesn't judge me :)

Gen and I thought we were so funny. One time when we were wrestling she high-kicked me in my face... in my braces.

Krispy Kreme Night! We proved to be our best selves. Gen will eat anything and she doesn't believe in expiration dates.

The closing dance! We are such good dancers. Gen can shake it good. She's taught me a lot.

I love my Gen! She's such a good girl. Gen... you crazy!

Hopes of Spring

Today's weather was SO NICE! We had a picnic with some people from our ward after church and ate yummy food. I made my mom's delicious noodle salad and even though it needed more salt... it was still a hit!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

ASL Conference.

This is Koko and he knows sign language. He told his caretakers that he had a toothache and Koko was able to see a dentist. GENIUS!

So tonight I went to the Deaf Studies Conference at UVSC. After a day of school, sociology testing, and volleyball, I rode the fun bus to UVSC to go watch a performance with a bunch of Deaf individuals. I loved it! The performance was actually a movie, not a play, so I was a little disappointed, but I still enjoyed the video on Deaf throughout history. Got some good laughs in. Mainly the Deaf man in the front who shouted (to the best of his ability) AMEN when the screen read "Sign Language is an actual language." And that same man booed the actor who played Alexander Graham Bell... Deaf history was not good to Alexander Graham Bell and his invention of the telephone. The girls I was with and I met a nice man before the showing and he chatted with us for about 25 minutes. It's always interesting to hear about the odds and ends of the Deaf Culture and how to best pursue careers in ASL fields. And my favorite part was seeing my favorite ASL High School teacher! I just love her :). It made me feel at home to see someone I knew from Gilbert in this sometimes strange place. I can't even tell you how good it felt. I love American Sign Language. It has such a buoyancy and flow to it. Being at this Conference just furthers my appreciation for the language and makes me wish I could be enrolled in UVSC classes NOW and get a kick-start to my interpreting career. AH! Not until next summer... BYU offers pretty much nothing in terms on ASL classes and interpreting classes. So for someone like me, UVSC is my best and closest bet. Don't worry... I'll still go to BYU full-time and get my degree in sociology, but I'll take one class a semester at UVSC to prepare me for the interpreting exam. Also... I'm thinking about teaching ASL classes at the gym I work at back home. That is, baby sign language classes, for parents who would teach their children. That would be cool, huh?? I probably shouldn't be thinking about that until I'm really really smart with ASL.

ANYWAYS!! Tonight was fun. Now I need to write a paper on what I learned and how ASL makes me a better person. Oh joy...

Monday, April 7, 2008

I am alive.

I guess because only like five people read my blog... I'm really never inclined to write new posts. But I figured its time to update you on my life :)

This weekend was General Conference and it was absolutely AMAZING. I just love hearing Apostles of the Lord speak and give much needed counsel. What an inspiring weekend. Such a boost. I was able to see my dearest Gilbert girls. A weekend full of Chad Michael Murray and pastries... WHAT could be better? I swear I could watch "A Cinderella Story" over and over and over again and never tire of the the magic. And I finished my forever dreaded Art History 202 paper that I'm turning in TODAY! and can finally release the burden. Last night, I ate dinner with my dear brother, Jesse, and an apartment full of boys. Just what I'm used to! It's always nice to get away from the girls (I say that as a general term... no certain girls in particular) and step into familiar territory of the no drama zone. Conference weekend makes me miss my family. The truth is... I've been missing my family all the time! I've never had trouble with homesickness before but recently it's been a different story. I loved Elder Nelson's talk on restoring faith in the family and the ties we have with our sealed extended families. What a blessing. It'll be nice to be home for a summer and refresh on why I love the Walker family so much. Less than a month and I'll be home!!! Overall, it's been a beneficial weekend and I'm ready to take on another week!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Favorite Foods

As I reread my previous post, I am reminded of all the wonderful foods that I love to burn off. I thought I would share some of my favorites with you.

1.) Hot wings. Anything from the Classic Boneless Style at Applebees to the Hot Wingers at Buffalo Wild Wings or even the crappy store bought kind. I love them more than alot of things.

2.) Tim's Cascade Jalepeno Chips: made in Washington. These chips DEFINE perfection and demonstrate what the Northwest stands for. My tongue is sizzling...

3.) Canned pears. I could eat can after can after can and never tire from the delightful taste of sweetness. Now, of course, I love pears OUT of the can but they are harder to eat with braces. Go ahead... laugh at my braces.

4.) Maple Donuts. Ok ok. I'm not a big fan of sweets. I rarely crave chocolate or sugar but nothing does me over like a maple donut. Preference: Krispy Kremes. Occurance: way too much.

5.) Lettuce. Plain. Plain lettuce. When I was younger, I was sick a lot. Usually with the flu. The ONLY food I could eat was lettuce, because it had no flavor and was full of water. TO THIS VERY DAY... I can eat a head of lettuce like an apple. Which is also not a good idea with braces.

6.) Thai food. I haven't had lots and lots of different kinds. Probably a total of five or six dishes. But because of a Thai-lovin' father, I do love the flare.

7.) Pretty much anything spicy. I probably have the worst digestive tract.

8.) String Cheese! BLESS the man who invented string cheese! I can never, no never, eat just one. Its a mandate to buy atleast three at a time so I can eat two right away and keep the third in my pocket for later. I kid you not. Along with my beloved string cheese there's sharp cheddar cheese and fetta. Mmmmmmmmm..........

9.) Tortillas. Allow to me explain... my mother taught me everything I need to know. She taught me how to make a quote unquote quesadilla and to always call it a tortilla instead. I understand what a tortilla is. Please don't explain. Tortillas have cheese and lunch meat and taco sauce and sour cream. What could be better? Definitely not a quesadilla.

10.) Cereal. My favorite kind? Probably Cracklin' Oat Bran. And Cap'n Crunch. And Honeynut Cheerios. Just to name a couple. The second round is always better.

Now that I am salivating on my keyboard, I think I'm going to eat some overdue yummies. Go get your food on!

P.S. I just thought this picture was so cute.

Friday, March 7, 2008

ready ready ready... ready to RUN!

So admist my crazy life of church, work, school, and being awesome... I have pushed myself to develop a pattern of exercise. I am the type of person who loves thinking about being healthy and getting in shape, but when it comes down to crunch-time, I struggle with my priorities. After serious mental alignment I have started running four times a week... and I can't stop! I feel addicted to something so great and want to run all the time. I prefer running solo because I can set my own pace and don't feel in competition or sorely inadequate in comparison with a running partner. I love having my ipod tucked into my spandex and feeling the sweat on my forehead. As I set a beat with my lengthy strides, I feel so free and driven. I have one goal in mind and it is to NEVER STOP. Just keep going. One more block... fight that asthma, Caraline, fight it... It's great to have reached the point where I'm no longer day-dreaming about being healthy. I'm proactive!

Except for the part of where I eat donuts and chips and cereal all the time.

But I ask you not to judge me but to rather condone my efforts. Everyone should go running! I encourage everyone, everywhere to get off their potato chip crummed couch and put on a good pair of running shoes and smell that fresh air that awaits you. Maybe I'll see you running and do the tiresome left hand wave. Because I'm ready ready ready... ready to RUN!

Friday, February 29, 2008


I love the temple. More than words can describe. I went last night with my ward (which consisted of barely 10 people) and it was a great night! I made a goal my senior year to attend the temple once a week. I was pretty consistent with my goal and found an increased amount of the Spirit in my life. Since moving away from my beautiful Mesa temple, I haven't been so consistent. I have probably gone 7 in the past 6 months and wish so much I had a car and that I wasn't so against walking in the cold. I always have excuses. Nonetheless, there are always people willing to take me and time that I can make for the beautiful temple. I just need to step up. Last night the 1st counselor to President Bateman of the Provo temple presidency, spoke to all those waiting in the baptistry. Provo has the busiest baptistry and they are sure proud of it! He shared his testimony with us and it just added to the wonderful Spirit felt. It's so great to know that a temple visit that lasts atleast 2 1/2 hours will become such a strength and booster for me. I need to go more often and do better, try harder.

I LOVE the temple.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Too Much FUN!

This is what Gen (my roommate) and I do. We take pictures of ourselves and end up regretting it later. This was taken right before we went jogging one night. I think I might regret posting this picture but the truth is... most of my pictures look like this.

Roadtrip home for President's Day Weekend! This was before we got lost in Vegas for an hour. So much fun.....

Free pancakes at I-hop night! What our waiter DIDN'T know was we had just gone to Krispy Kreme's and bought a dozen donuts. Needless to say... the night ended with self-induced puking. Healthy!

Hope you've enjoyed a few pictures from my second semester at BYU! What a fun time its been up here. Gotta love college.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


I'm going to start each blog with word that acts as if I'm in the middle of a conversation. Like BUT, SO, REMEMBER WHEN... just because that's the way I talk. I answer phones, begin letters, and talk like I'm conversing with someone who already knows my life story. Just thought I'd preface that.

So because I attend BYU, I feel a lot of pressure academically. Not just during midterms and finals, but ALL the time. Last week was a product of academic anxiety. This week is another week of the mounting stress. And next week will be the pinnacle of pressure. I really do love my classes. I'm taking Sociology 111, Art History 202, American Sign Language 201, Religion 122, and Volleyball 3,000. I love each and every class- they are all tailored to my interest so it's not hard to stay awake or enjoy what I am learning. BUT! It is hard to keep up. Every class... with the exception of volleyball... has more work than I imagined for what seemed like easy classes. Wrong. There ARE NO easy classes at this University. And because last semester I took Suicide 101, my GPA is suffering dramatically. Hopefully I can recover myself and kick some college butt. I will not be weeded out and will not allow my efforts go to waste. I just hope that with full-time school and part-time work I can manage my schedule and come on top. I need to have a little more faith and everything will be alright.

P.S. I think everyone should listen to "I Will Learn To Love Again" by Kaci and dance while doing so.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

First Post Ever.

I fear that my life is being taken over by the internet...

Facebook, MySpace, Google, email galore, online bank accounts, and finally... Blogger. The list goes on and on and on and on. And I feel that the ONLY reason I am actually making my own Blog is due to one reason: peer pressure. My seminary teacher gave me one ultimatum when going off to college but to create my own Blog. So I did. Here I am, one year later, and my sister-in-law (after making her own fully animated and beautifully construed page) has helped with the overloading pressure. I say to them give me time and I will give you the fanciest Blog you've ever seen. This will take the place of any other internet frenzy that I, a time-wasting college student, will take part of. I will put aside other important things I am doing in order to give you, the reader, a piece of my mind. Things like homework, chores, personal hygiene... everything that should matter. And in this process, I will become technologically proficient while trumping every other Blogger in their efforts to create "The Best Page Ever." Namely... Stephanie Walker.

So, mock me all you want. But first mock my seminary teacher and my sister-in-law.

ERGO... the start to something beautiful.