Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Reasons to be happy

I have such a happy life...

I attend school. Even if it's not my first-choice university, it's an education, and for that I am grateful. How happy-a-day will it be when I yank that diploma from faculty hands and take what is rightfully mine!

Thanks to a loving set of parents, we have two vehicles. I couldn't imagine having the schedules we have and only using one car. One of us would have to ride a bike. And that would not give us a reason to be happy.

I know God loves me and watches out for me. Blessings are daily showered upon me and my family. The Gospel really is good news... happy news, if you will.

I have an INCREDIBLE husband. Do you all know Ryan?? Because if you do, you know how lucky I am. In all my days (as few as they may be) I have never met someone so smiley and positive and downright HAPPY as he is.

He is the reason I am so happy.

I hope you're just as happy in your own lives!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Seis meses. Six months.

Thanks to Limher's mom, I am currently enrolled in free Spanish classes at her casa. Once a week, I learn all the basics to the Spanish language. This will come in handy when I'm (someday) lost in Mexico.

Seis meses have passed since August. Excuse me? Can you please explain where the months are going? Somehow in the last six months I have attended two new schools, started a second job, quit that second job, received a promotion at Lifetime, and, oh yeah, got married!

This post is dedicated to Mr. Williams and six things I've learned about being married to him...

1.) Even if you don't like taking pictures, you always look good in them. Especially pictures taken right before a fun date. Yay for date night and Phantom of the Opera!
2.) Your beard means the world to you.
3.) You have chameleon qualities. Your ankle changed at least four shades of purple and yellow after you sprained your ankle during basketball.
4.) Basketball is a man's sport.
5.) You are a good cook! Not that I didn't believe you in the first place... but after our Potato Bar Dinner, I was sold. 6.) You love children. You want like twenty of them. Thanks to you, all of the children in our lives (including this fine young fellow, Brady) choose you over me.

I can't wait for our next seis meses together! Viva la Williams!