Sunday, July 26, 2009

The countdown is ON.

Two weeks from yesterday I will be MRS. Caraline Lea Walker Williams. Or rather... Caraline Williams.

Wedding checklist:

Dress... FINISHED!
Shoes... bought.
Jewelry... waiting to be worn.
Pictures... this Saturday :)
Temple recommend... got it TODAY!
Ties... found. Bought. All 8 of them.
Family... maintaining sanity.
Music... waiting for the opportune moment to be rocked.
Flowers... beautiful. Tulips, daisies, calla lilies.
Tablecloths... just don't care after this point...

Bride... so incredibly excited that she has less than two weeks to make it all happen!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


i registered for school today! 4 classes now. one more to add. 16 credits total.
school school school.

i love school.
i remember getting a real phone call from the first boy that told me he liked me in 1st grade. he wanted me to go to a movie with him and his mom. i could taste the vomit rising into my mouth.

i remember curling my hair with rag ties the night before the first day of 3rd. boy, i had crazy hair the next day. i got made fun of and never wanted to curl my hair again. thanks, you stupid boys.

i remember the first time i experienced the pit in my stomach as i sat, waiting for my science teacher, to pass out an exam. i was in SIXTH GRADE.

i remember still wanting my mom to pack me a lunch my Junior year of High School. and she did. because she loves me :) she made me my lunch this week for work. best meat and cheese sandwich on the planet.

i know i'll look back in twenty years and remember things about my undergraduate and potentially graduate experience. i'm going to be married and going to school. that's a first. but this i promise you... i will finish. even if is from the Devil's school. no but really, i will always love school. and although i hope to never stop learning, i do hope the end to my bachelor's is sooner than i know.

even if it takes me a million years...